Brochures (English)

The Epilepsy Foundation Northwest offers downloadable brochures for a variety of topics related to epilepsy. Topic category areas are listed below. Within these categories are a variety of brochures that may be helpful in learning more about epilepsy or providing information. The brochures and pamphlets are free to the public and are downloadable via the link below. The brochures and pamphlets can be copied for distribution to others as desired, however content cannot be changed and personalization of the brochure cannot occur.

 Please click on a link below to go straight to that section’s brochures.

Brochures: Adults and Seizures

Brochures: Children and Seizures

Brochures: First Aid and Seizure Response

Brochures: General Information

Brochures: Medical and Prescription Information

Brochures: Women and Epilepsy