Community Education & Training

The Epilepsy Foundation Northwest offers Community Education and Training Programs that provide awareness of epilepsy related topics.  In a continuous effort to bring knowledge and education to the community about epilepsy, EFNW staff and volunteers conduct large group Epilepsy 101 and Seizure Response trainings.  Additionally, specific training programs are available for school nurses, first responders (EMT’s, Police, Fire) and employers.

For further information or to arrange training sessions, Contact your nearest EFNW office or email to:

Managing Students with Seizures Training Program

The School Nurse Training Program is a continuing education training program designed to provide the school nurse with information, strategies and resources that will enable him/her to better manage the student with seizures by:

  • Supporting positive treatment outcomes
  • Maximizing educational and developmental opportunities
  • Ensuring a safe and supportive environment

Individual online is available at the National School Nurse Association at  Click on Continuing Education and then either Managing Students with Seizures for general information or Online Continuing Education for the online course.

First Responders Training Program

Law enforcement may encounter people with epilepsy having seizures that may be mistaken for illegal or uncooperative behavior.  Properly training law enforcement personnel to recognize seizure related activity can help diffuse potential problematic situation or even, in some cases, save lives.

Emergency medical technicians may also need additional education and training on how to respond to and treat people having seizures. 

EFNW provide basic epilepsy awareness and seizure response training to first responders through eduational presentations and video seizure demonstrations.

Employer Awareness Training Program

Employers often are not prepared to have an employee living and working with epilepsy.  EFNW will provide consultation, education and training for employers and employee groups.  Most education can be done online or by providing materials about epilepsy and seizure response to employers.  However, some employers support their employee with epilepsy by having a training session about epilepsy and seizure response with a group of employees or with an identified human resources representative.

EFNW Conferences and Seminars

The Epilepsy Foundation Northwest also provides conference in the spring and fall that the public is invited to attend.  These conferences host physicians, community advocates and noted professionals who present information about a variety of topics relating to epilepsy. Topic areas covered previously include “Women in Epilepsy”, “AntiEpileptic Drug Therapy”, “Your Human Rights”, “Parenting Children with Epilepsy” and many other areas.

Check the Upcoming Events section of this website for event and conference schedules.