YEA! Youth Epilepsy Advocates™

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Youth Epilepsy Advocates™ (YEA!™) empowers youth with epilepsy and their allies as community advocates. YEA! connects youth to one another for inspiration, encouragement and sharing of life experiences.

YEA! Youth Epilepsy Advocates

YEA! is a program for youth ages 14-18 across the northwest providing opportunities to meet other youth in your local area living with epilepsy. YEA! is also for those allies, or friends, of someone who has epilepsy that want to support the cause to bring awareness and education about epilepsy to the community.

  • 50% Fun-Recreation-Networking
  • 50% Education-Advocacy-Training
  • Increase Awareness in Schools and Communities

YEA! Youth Epilepsy AdvocatesThrough YEA! you can meet others, build long lasting friendships, learn more about epilepsy, and join in the cause to help educate the community about seizure disorders. YEA! provides fun and social activities throughout the year including an annual YEA! Youth Summit.

YEA! Leadership Team - Participants in the YEA! program can become members of the YEA! Leadership Team that help plan and organize YEA! program activities.  Learn more about the YEA! Leadership Team by becoming involved in the YEA! program.

YEA! Youth Epilepsy AdvocatesYEA! Youth Summit – A YEA! Youth Summit is held each summer and includes youth with epilepsy and YEA! youth program leaders. Guest speakers and group facilitators will be invited to participate in the summit.

If you are interested in becoming a YEA! participant send an email to our YEA! team office at: or call 206-547-4551.