Employment Assistance Programs

Employment Assistance ProgramsThe Epilepsy Foundation Northwest (EFNW) assists people with epilepsy in employment referrals and consultation regarding employment rights.  Many community and government agencies better serve people with job placement programs and EFNW can help direct people to those agencies for job placement services.

EFNW does provide consultation regarding employment rights and how best to work with an employer if you or a family member have epilepsy.  Epilepsy is covered under the American’s with Disabilities Act and most ADA employee rights are addressed under this act.  For further information about the ADA go to:  www.ada.gov

Additionally, each state has an agency that works to support people with disabilities within the work environment.

Consult with your local state agency regarding specific employment rights within your state of residence or workplace:

Oregon:             www.boli.state.or.us

Washington:     www.hum.wa.gov or  www.lni.wa.gov

Alaska:               http://labor.state.ak.us or  http://gov.state.ak.us/aschr/

Montana:            http://dli.mt.gov or http://erd.dli.mt.gov/humanright/hrhome.asp

For further information, Contact the EFNW office nearest you or review the Resources section on this website.