Emergency Medication Assistance

The EFNW Emergency Medication Assistance Program provides one-time only emergency assistance for individuals with epilepsy who need anticonvulsant medication only.  The program is designed to allow the person with epilepsy to get enough medication so that they can seek to fulfill the entire prescription by other means.

The program offers a one-time payment to participating pharmacies of $75 to help supplement fulfillment of a prescription.  The pharmacy must be willing to accept payment with a credit card over the phone, and if not EFNW will mail a check directly to the pharmacy. However, mailing a check may take a day or two for postal delivery to the pharmacy.

Applicants must:
  • Be a resident of Oregon, Washington, Alaska or Montana.
  • Have a current prescription, a bottle with a refill indicated, or access to a physician who can transmit prescription information to the participating pharmacy.
  • Not have any type of medical insurance that covers prescriptions.
  • Have financial difficulties which warrant participation in this program.
Applicants are encouraged to look at other opportunities for prescription assistance:
  • Support from family members
  • Local free clinics
  • Search medication drug websites for scholarship programs
  • Sign up for state programs (link to Community Resources page)
  • Ask your doctor for samples

Application Form

The “Emergency Medication Application Form” must be downloaded, completed and submitted to a local Epilepsy Foundation Northwest office.  Once the application has been approved, the applicant and pharmacy will be notified. PLEASE NOTE: PHARMACY MUST BE ABLE TO ACCEPT PAYMENT OVER THE PHONE or a check would have to be sent that could require several days for postal delivery.  Please confirm with your pharmacy that they will accept payment for this purpose over the phone from our Seattle office, or whether a check must be mailed.