2012 November Epilepsy Conference

Each year in November, the Epilepsy Foundation Northwest presents the November Epilepsy Awareness Month Conference. The conference celebrates the northwest epilepsy community by providing presentations from medical and community professionals who work each day to serve families living with epilepsy in the northwest.

The 2012 conference featured Phillip M. Gattone, M.Ed., President/CEO, Epilepsy Foundation of America who shared his vision of The Future of the Epilepsy Movement. Phil spoke to the 2012 Institute of Medicine report on epilepsy, how the Epilepsy Foundation is engaged in the process, and his vision for the future of the epilepsy movement. Phil shared his personal history with the epilepsy community, which began when his son Philip, was diagnosed with epilepsy.

Session Presentations:

Anti-Seizure Medication
David G. Vossler, M.D. FAAN
Medical Director, Neuroscience Institute, UW Medicine-Valley Medical Center
Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Washington

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit A-Z
Jehuda P. Sepkuty, M.D.
Medical Director, Epilepsy Center and Neurophysiology, Swedish Neuroscience Institute
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Neurology, John Hopkins University

Medical Professional Panel (No formal presentation. Q&A from audience.)
Christopher B. Ransom, M.D., Ph.D.
Epilepsy Center of Excellence and Neurology, VA Puget Sound
Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Washington

Hillary Shurtleff, Ph.D., ABPP
Neuropsychologist, Child Psychiatry, Seattle Children’s Hospital
Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Washington

Jehuda P. Sepkuty, M.D. – Swedish Neuroscience Institute

David G. Vossler, M.D. FAAN – UW Medicine-Valley Medical Center

Caregiver Today – Resources and Opportunities
Brad Peterson, Administrator, Zenith Services, Inc.

Epilepsy and Reasonable Accommodation: An Employer’s Perspective
Ryan Warner, MPA, Statewide ADA Coordinator
Office of Diversity and ADA Affairs, Washington State Department of Transportation

Transitioning Medical Care
Beth Ellen Davis, M.D., MPH
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington
Director, Clinical Training Unit, Center on Human Development and Disability