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How can I save money on my Antiepileptic Drugs?

Answer by David G. Vossler, M.D.

Here are just some of the way for you and your healthcare provider to help you save money on antiepileptic medications (AEDs):

  • Use the largest pill size available – multiple small pills cost lots more than one large pill
  • Get a pill cutter at your pharmacy and cut large pills in half (if that is what your dose calls for). For example, if your dose of Topamax is 100 mg twice a day you could use the
    100 mg tablet size, but it costs less to use half of a 200 mg tablet
  • Ask your provider if it is okay to use a generic, rather than brand name, AED
  • Simplify dosing regimens: rather than use two tablet sizes of the same AED to achieve intermediate individual doses, consider cutting larger tablets in half. For example, if your dose of Trileptal is 450 mg twice a day, instead of using one 150 mg pill and one 300 mg pill to make 450 mg, you could take 1-1/2 300 mg tablets.
  • If possible and indicated, ask your doctor about using the older generation AEDs
  • Use 90-day mail-order pharmacies rather than monthly local pharmacies
  • If you must pay cash, call local pharmacies and ask their retail prices. Shopping around can save you money.

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