State Advocacy

At this time of year, state budgets in Oregon, Alaska and Washington are under the scrutiny of state legislatures. Your advocacy efforts are critical now more than ever to save badly needed programs that support people with epilepsy. Make your voice heard!

In Washington, Oregon and Alaska your efforts to reach out to elected officials is important. Collectively, those who contact state officials at this time of year to make an impact on the message that is needed to help continue funding for epilepsy related health programs.

Write a letter. Make a phone call. Visit your elected officials. Each time you do it helps communicate the important need for prescription support programs, education and awareness programs and so much more.

Now is the time for you to be an advocate for healthcare services in your state!

EFNW - States

Contact your elected officials and let them know you want their support for people living with epilepsy. Let them know that without support programs that provide healthcare and prescriptions, people living with epilepsy may not be able to work, go to school and be productive members of society.

For Washington, “Find Your Legislature”

For Oregon, “Find Your Legislature”

For Alaska, “Who Represents Me?”