Professional Advisory Board – OR

The Professional Advisory Board for the Epilepsy Foundation Northwest is composed of health care professionals (neurologists, epileptologists, neuropsychologists, nurses and social workers) who provide guidance on epilepsy related health topics, help with public education and information, support EFNW fundraising activities and programs, and is the lead committee for the annual Camp Discovery.

Professional Advisory Board – Oregon

*Indicates Leadership Council Member

Oregon Health & Science University (Portland, OR)
*Mina Bacigalupi, R.N.
*Jason Coryell, M.D.
Katherine Dodson, M.D.
*Paul Motika, M.D. – Chair, PAB-Oregon & EFNW Board Member
Colin Roberts, M.D.
Ellen Rodgers, R.N.
Martin Salinsky, M.D.
W. Brewster Smith, M.D.
David Spencer, M.D.
Victoria Wong, M.D.
*Carter Wray, M.D. – Vice- Chair, PAB-Oregon

Kaiser Permanente (Portland, OR)
Felicia Ferguson, M.D.
Richard Konkol, M.D.

Providence Medical Center (Portland, OR)
Paula Gerber-Gore, M.D.
P.J. Pohowalla, M.D.

*Gary McLean, R.N., E.M.T., Sandy Fire Department (Sandy, OR)
Michele Metrik, M.D., Legacy Hospital (Portland, OR)
Mark Yerby, M.D., North Pacific Epilepsy Research (Portland, OR)